AestheFill preparation

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3990 USD

About the Doctor

Dorshon Natalia Anatolievna


Hardware cosmetology services, which, by acting on different layers of the skin, with various types of energy, help to prolong and maintain the natural Patients.

Natalia in her work relies on the foundations of preventive medicine, i.e. seeks to prolong the youthfulness of the face, with the extension of a full-fledged healthy life of their patients, therefore, when compiling complex programs, it relies on the collection of a complete anamnesis, identification of potential risks, hereditary diseases, health and lifestyle



Tatyana Savelyeva

Dear Natalya Anatolyevna! You are an example of modern for me Doctor in charge professional and very beautiful))! For most beauticians working not only without maps, but also, at times, poorly observing rules of disinfection and sterilization

Olga Tikhomirova

Natalya Anatolyevna, good afternoon! Thank you for my oval face! Look at yourself in the mirror with pleasure! You just a miracle!

Svetlana Ivanova

Natalia, good afternoon! I wanted to say: I noticed the effect yesterday, when she went outside. But first did not pay attention (thought what it seemed to me). But today I got up at five in the morning, ran all day in the heat, in the evening a colleague calls on whatsapp, and says how fresh I look))) Well here it is no longer possible to deny, even if video noticeably

Julia Bazina

The effectiveness of Laser Carbon Peeling is 100%. After the procedure, the skin became smooth, a slight blush appeared on her cheeks. By the evening the inflammation had dried up and there were far fewer of them. After a couple of days, I noticed that acne marks had become less noticeable, the pores have narrowed. The procedure feels very comfortable, you feel warm and light tingling. Natalya Anatolyevna, thank you, I will definitely come again!

Julia Hristova

I had a carbon peel yesterday. I am very satisfied with the result, the skin became even, smooth. No discomfort during the procedure! I will definitely come again, because once is still not enough. Come and do it, you won't regret it, the result is worth it))

Irina Sheredko

Three days have passed since the carbon peeling procedure. Colleagues at work said that my skin became much smoother. I myself can see that the pores have become narrower, the skin is smooth, acne marks are less noticeable. Oily sheen appears only in the evening. Of the discomfort, only a slight tingling, for that at the end of the procedure a healthy blush. Thanks again for your pens! You are always very helpful in helping me find the right procedure for me.

Anastasia Lukyanova

I read a lot of reviews about carbon peeling. I decided to go and find out what kind of miraculous procedure this is ... Today I tried it and did not regret it! The result simply exceeded all my expectations! The skin has become so tender, well, the touch is silky, even, the oily sheen has disappeared, in general, the face has become cleaner!

Anna Sevastyanova

Dear Natalya Anatolyevna! For me, you are an example of a modern doctor, responsible, professional and very beautiful))! For the majority of cosmetologists who work not only without cards, but sometimes poorly follow the rules of disinfection and sterilization when performing procedures, and even do not hide their illiteracy, you are an incomprehensible height! Patience to you in hard work! I really respect you)))

Elena Zhukova

After the carbon peeling procedure, the skin looks fresh. Inflammations, if they were, then after carbon began to dry out. Great for getting your face in order in a short amount of time. Even makeup fits better on renewed skin! There are no strict restrictions, pain sensations too. The result as they say on the face)))!